10 Things You Should Know: August Edition

August 21, 2019
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1. Cheez-Its & Boxed Wine

According to Thrillist, Original House Wine has teamed up with Cheez-it to create a limited edition, combo box. This unique box is divided in half with wine served on one side, and Cheez-its on the other half. This snack combo is marketed as an affordable, $25 snack, with the perfect wine and cheese combo.

2.Organic Slurpee

The convenience store chain 7-Eleven, is opening a special Slurpee machine at a Dallas location that serves organic slushies. The Slurpee machine will serve flavors like coconut, cucumber, turmeric, and blood orange. | Food Network Magazine

3. Tajín

Commonly used by sprinkling on many Hispanic dishes, Tajín, is a condiment that is becoming more mainstream and is now being sold at large, chain stores. Tajín consists primarily of Chile peppers, lime and salt and is described to have a spicy-sour taste. | Gartner Iconoculture

4. Oatmilk-To-Go

Happy Planet is launching new, unique single-serving size cartons of milk for on-the-go convenience. These products, sold at natural food retailers, have released in original, chocolate, and vanilla oatmilk flavors. | Bevnet

5. Clean Eating

In 2019, the most widely mentioned diet is Clean Eating. According to FoodInsight.org, about 10% of consumers who followed a diet, follow the new “Clean Eating” diet in 2019. The second most common diet was Intermittent Fasting at about 9%. | FoodInsight.org

6. McCafé It Forward

McDonalds is participating in the nationwide pay it forward campaign, “McCafé It Forward”, by giving away free cups of coffee. This limited-time-only campaign is going to pass out 500 golden cards across the country, that can be used to get a free coffee, then the card can be passed along to another person to use. | Thrillist

7. Pumpkin Pie Blizzard

With Pumpkin season approaching, Dairy Queen will have a limited-time Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. This soft-served dessert is made with vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pie chunks, and topped with whipped cream & nutmeg. | MyRecipes.com

8. Sweet Street Booze

According to Iconoculture, there is a street booze in New York called “Nutcrackers” that, although perhaps not legal, is a go-to drink found beachside, at parks, festivals, or even on the subway. This colorful drink originally was made with Bacardi 151, Southern Comfort, Amaretto, pineapple juice, grenadine, and lime juice — but the variations continue to grow.

9. Beyond Beef

The Beyond Meat brand has gone above and beyond and now released a plant-based ground “beef”. This product is called Beyond Beef and includes 20 grams of plant protein per serving and is soy and gluten free. | Whole Foods Market

10. Arizona Beverages THC Partnership

Commonly known for their Iced Tea, Arizona Beverages partnered with Dixie Brands, a cannabis company in Denver this month. The partnership’s goal is to create THC-infused products in the future, starting with gummies and eventually, beverages. | Food Dive

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