10 Things You Should Know: May Edition

May 24, 2021
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1. Sodium Reducers

Due to hypertension being a severe risk when it comes to COVID-19, sodium reduction is a growing trend in market products right now. Healthy minerals derived from aquatic plants are getting more attention as substitutes for sodium in products. They offer function benefits, like higher potassium, which offset the effects of sodium on blood pressure. | Mintel

2. Cereal Inspired Oatmeal

General Mills’ Big G instant oatmeal will be releasing new flavors inspired by popular cereal flavors next month. They are releasing Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch oatmeal flavors. These oatmeal flavors taste like their cereal counterparts and also come with toppings like cinnamon dust, marshmallows, and crunch toppings. | Best Products

3. Kind Frozen

Kind, mainly a plant-based bar company, is moving into the ice cream space with its plant-based Kind Frozen Pints. Their ice cream is made using pear juice and almonds blended with other ingredients for flavor like sea salt, hazelnut, cherries, etc. They will be sold nation wide and offered in 4 different flavors. | Food Dive

4. Piña Colada Juice

Just in time for summer, Tropicana just released a new Piña Colada Juice that can be found at select stores across the nation. This juice flavor is described as pairing the tanginess of pineapple with smooth sweet coconut and if your of age, can be mixed with your favorite rum. | Taste of Home

5. Matcha Green Tea Japanese Noodles

Trader Joe’s just released a new noodle product, Matcha Green Tea Japanese Noodles. This product is made with traditional soba, otherwise known as buckwheat flour, and blended with matcha green tea which adds an earthy, nutty, green-tea flavor to the noodles. | Trader Joe’s

6. Flavored Nutritional Yeast

Notorious Nooch Co, a UK company, is launching a flavored nutritional yeast in two flavors, Smoky Bacon and Cheesy Immature. These two products are made with less than five ingredients and instructed to sprinkle on anything that you would normally put cheese on like pizza, popcorn, or potatoes. | Food Navigator

7. High Seltzer

Pabst Blue Ribbon just launched a new cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic seltzer, PBR High Seltzer. This new seltzer contains 5mg of THC and comes in just one flavor, lemon. Currently, this beverage can be found in California dispensaries or can be purchased online through their website in CA only. | Thrillist

8. Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch Chips

Frito-Lay just released a new potato chip flavor, Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch Flavored Chips. Frito-lay married the Lay’s potato chip with the signature Cool Ranch flavoring that is found on Doritos. This product is described to be the best of both, a crunchy thin potato chip dusted with tangy Cool Ranch seasoning. | Taste of Home

9. Naked Indulgent Protein

PepsiCo, Inc.’s Naked Brand introduced new plant-based protein smoothies in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. These beverages are made with almond milk, soy & pea protein, contain 30 grams of protein per serving, and are sold in ready-to-drink 15.2 oz bottles. | Food Business News

10. Mystery Flavor Pop-Tarts

The Kellogg’s brand, Pop-Tarts, just announced a limited edition “Mister E Flavor” Pop-Tart. This new mystery flavor has a detective-themed packaging and the Pop-tarts have a white filling and icing on top.  Pop-Tarts is inviting fans to try this new product and submit their best flavor guesses for a chance to win prizes. | PR Newswire

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