10 Things You Should Know: July Edition

July 22, 2021
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1. Clif Cereal

Clif Bar & Co. is diving further into the breakfast aisle by launching a new line of cereals. These have less sugar than other leading cereals and come in four new flavors such as Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Consumers may be likely to purchase this cereal because of familiarity with the Clif Bar & Co. brand and trust in their protein bars. | Food Dive

2. Pringle’s Scorchin’ Sour Cream & Onion

The fourth flavor in Pringle’s Scorchin’ collection is a hot version of their popular Sour Cream & Onion flavor. This will appeal to younger consumers, who look for spicy and unique flavors in their chips. Scorchin’ Sour Cream & Onion combine zesty, smokey, and spicy tastes for a twist on their classic flavor. | HYPEBEAST

3. Chicken Thighs at Wingstop

After concern over potential chicken wing shortage, Wingstop launched its new brand, Thighstop. As evidenced by the name, Thighstop now sells chicken thighs in the same flavors as their ever-popular Wingstop wings. By selling thighs, they can quell consumer and company worries over the chicken wing shortage and provide a delicious alternative option for customers. | Sun Times

4. oo’mämē brand Chili Crisps

oo’mämē brand Chili Crisps are designed to add an umami flavor to every dish. These are jars contain a paste that includes spices, chilis, and crispy bits and can be used in several ways, from sauce to stir fry. There are four flavors of Global Chili Crisps, each inspired by a different country’s cuisine: Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and Moroccan. | oo’mämē

5. Hershey's Chocolate

Summertime means campfires and s’mores, and s’mores means chocolate. Every year, Hershey’s chocolate bar sales grow during the summer, when consumers see their brand as a necessity for s’mores. Last year, their sales increased more than $70 million, and this year is projected to be just as successful. Hershey’s chocolate is a perfect example of how a product can brand itself as an essential part of a favorite recipe. | Food Dive

6. Suppas

Many of today’s consumers are interested in packed food that is convenient, healthy, and eco-friendly. Future Fit Food’s new line of freeze-dried soups, called Suppas, are a good example of how to fulfill all these desires. They are currently developing biodegredable packaging options. | Sustainable Brands

7. Garlic Bread Cheese

Bread cheese, a specialty cheese from Finland, can be toasted like bread without melting and has a toasted exterior and a chewy interior. It’s similar to a cheese curd in texture, and the outside can be browned and toasted. Trader Joe’s recently released a garlic-flavored bread cheese that is a tasty twist on this unique cheese. | Trader Joe’s

8. Good Measure Bars

Good Measure is General Mills’ new brand of snacks to meet dietary needs of consumers concerned about their blood sugar levels. This brand has three flavors of bars, which each have little sugar or carbs so as not to cause spikes in blood sugar. This brand is another way General Mills is creating more options for those with dietary restrictions. | Food Dive

9. Mexican Street Corn Cheetos

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are already spicy summer staple, but their new Mexican Street Corn flavored Cheetos are in for Summer 2021. Inspired by elotes, or Mexican street corn, these Cheetos combine flavors of hot sauce, lime, crema, and cheese for a tangy and spicy chip. | FoodBeast

10. Fermented Fungi Protein

Plant-based protein is big business and one recent innovation is from Nature’s Fynd, who is using fungi and fermentation to create their protein. Fungi fermented protein can be nutritionally rich, with essential amino acids and many vitamins, and ecologically sustainable, appealing to health- and eco-conscious consumers alike. | AFN

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