FONA’s Seven Core Values

Our core values are our constant. They are the answer to the question, “Why FONA?” Whatever capacity you seek to do business with FONA (a job candidate, a customer, a community partner or a vendor) …you will see these values in what we do.

Do the Right Thing for All Stakeholders in All Situations

At FONA, we work to do what’s right. We commit to doing the right thing for all stakeholders in all situations.

Demonstrate Relentless, Passionate Partner Centricity

Create partners. Build partners. Serve partners. We commit to relentless and passionate partner centricity

Establish and Nurture a High-Performance Work Environment

A constant pursuit of excellence. We commit to establishing and nurturing a high-performance work environment in order to deliver excellence for stakeholders.

Effectively Steward Our Resources and Opportunities

To create and build value, we responsibly and thoughtfully steward FONA’s resources and opportunities.

Invest Consistently in Our Growth and Innovation

We dare to be different and embrace new ideas. Our commitment? Invest consistently in growth and innovation and constantly think forward

Share Generously with our People and Community

Generosity is generative — it leads to growth. We commit to sharing generously with our people and community

Outperform Our Industry in Pursuit of Profitable Growth

Results matter. FONA’s commitment is a 2×4 growth of the business. We commit to outperforming our industry in pursuit of profitable growth.