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Market Insights

Be on trend. Stay on track.

With an eye on brand integrity, our marketing team delivers innovative and relevant trend analysis and consumer insights to keep your product development efforts on the right track. Tap into their expertise and learn about consumer habits and how their changing needs influence flavor trends. This insight will help you develop products that resonate with your target market and keep them coming back for more.

White space analysis

Focused on product, positioning and flavor to pinpoint opportunities and ensure differentiation on multiple facets of product identity.

Ideation assistance

Certified facilitators help you get to the great ideas fast.

Trend Updates and Category Reports

Research specific to a market, flavor or your particular product line give you an inside look at the latest information products and consumers.

Flavor Radar®

Our flavor mapping methodology trends flavors from novel to everyday pantry staple so you stay on trend with what’s hot now and on track with what’s next.

FONA Information Databases

Includes some of the largest new product and trend databases in the world, giving you access to the most thorough market research available helping you make the best decisions for your consumers.