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Sensory / Consumer Guidance

Is your product hitting the mark?

Before you invest time and money in costly scale-ups and consumer tests, our Sensory experts can tap into our extensive network of panelists, conduct on-site or in-home use tests and deliver the data you need to determine if your product is on the right track.

Internal and external panels

Focus groups: Receive direct feedback from your target consumers in a group setting. Learn their thoughts, feelings and opinions before and after evaluating your product. Use this valuable, up-front information to tweak your product and connect with your consumers.

Consumer testing: Gain a competitive advantage in product development/modification with consumer acceptance/preference testing. Tests can be conducted at FONA, through an outside lab, or even around the world to ensure your specific demographic needs are met.

Difference testing: Changing ingredients, process or packaging? Find out if it will still taste the same to your consumers. Our qualified discrimination panelists can detect small differences in flavor and will use standardized tasting procedures to compare your products. If these trained panelists can’t detect a difference between them — your typical consumer won’t be able to, either.

Descriptive analysis: Understand similarities and differences between your product and the competition. Trained experts describe all aspects of your product, and visual data results provide guidance to developers on reformulation, if needed. Combine results with consumer testing to generate drivers of liking.


Test design and application: We’ll design a test that meets your project goals, and we’ll follow strict sensory protocols to ensure extraneous variables are eliminated and results are accurate and valuable.

Data interpretation: We deliver meaningful insights and inferences based on the data gathered about your products.

Report creation: Clear, concise and thorough reports with charts and graphs convey study results, including conclusions and recommendations.