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Technology Products

High tech solutions. Practical applications.

We are focused on delivering effective, efficient solutions to your toughest technological challenges. By combining our technology expertise and tools, we are able to create state-of-the-industry delivery systems for flavor, acid and sweetener systems that deliver immediate results.

FonaTech® M-E-T (Multiple Encapsulation Technology)

Flagship for various novel encapsulation techniques which provide additional matrices for active compound retention within the flavor, resulting in the protection and preservation of flavor.

FonaTech® A-I-T (Active Ingredient Technology)

Allows release through a thermal trigger, restores mouthfeel to low fat products and assists with visual impact and particle size control.

FonaTech® C-F-T (Clean Flavor Technology)

Patent-pending processing technology provides flavor profile enhancement to encapsulated products, with significant benefit to flavors containing compounds typically susceptible to oxidation, such as essential oils and/or essences. This enables for the development of more indulgent, character-rich “true to name” flavors.

FonaTech® H-L-T (High Load Technology)

Allows for the development of encapsulated flavors with significantly increased levels of active flavor compounds. Developers can meet the growing demand of high-intensity flavors while managing flavor usage and cost in finished products.


This glass encapsulated flavor system delivers increased shelf life, particle size variability, aesthetics of piece sizes, and increased initial flavor impact in a gum matrix.